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Gaining 9mm of height in the mandible: Implant surgery

As we saw in the previous post, which you can view here, we reconstructed a posterior mandibular defect with a height of 2.4 millimetres to the dental nerve. After the mandibular reconstruction, the patient became pregnant, and came back to us after one year. We requested a cone beam CT prior to implant placement, where we…
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Implant surgery on reconstruction on front part

After the reconstruction seen in this post: Reconstruction following failed implant and graft, we waited 4 months and proceeded to open said graft for the implant surgery. We made an intracrevicular incision with vertical incisions distant from the graft. Following a subperiosteal detachment we observed the good appearance of the graft which appeared well vascularised. We…
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Mandibular reconstruction following cyst recurrence

Dear Colleagues, This 33-year-old patient – smoker of half a packet a day – came to us with no relevant medical history, having had a cyst in the region of the right mandibular body in 2007. He had had extractions of the affected teeth – 43, 44, 45 and 46 – and was operated on…
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Atrophy in central incisor

A 35-year-old non-smoking patient under Euritox treatment for hypothyroidism, had an avulsion of the central incisor after trauma as a child. The gap collapsed and over the years the patient had orthodontics to correct the malocclusion and open the gap. She was referred to us while finalising orthodontic treatment for the placement of an implant…
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Explantation and implantation with sinus lift

The following 37-year-old patient with no relevant medical history was referred to us, having had two plants placed in positions 14 and 16 two years ago. Due to a lack of bone, the implant in position 16 was lost, leaving minimal remaining bone. As you can see, the implant in position 14 was placed at…
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Vestibuloplasty: Improving soft tissues

A 50-year-old male ex-smoker came to us, currently undergoing Eutirox treatment for hyperthyroidism and requesting a fixed prosthesis. Upon examination, we observed that after years of edentulism, the quantity of adhered gum had been diminishing along with the buccal bone, important for protecting the neck of the implant from impacted food.

Reconstruction after failed implant and graft

A 27-year-old patient with no relevant medical history came to us and told us of a trauma 13 years previously that led to the avulsion of the central upper left incisor. After years without that tooth, the space had been closing up. At 24 years of age, the patient had decided to revisit and fix the situation. He had…
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Atrophic posterior mandible reconstruction

A 32-year-old patient with no relevant medical history was referred to us having lost an implant on tooth 46 following an infection. The patient presented with a very pronounced defect with a height to the dental nerve of 2.40 millimetres, which precluded the placement of short implants. We discounted the possibility of lateralisation of the dental nerve due to…
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