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Bone and Soft Tissue Reconstruction Course

This course will show the how-to of every technique, with interactive hands-on in cadaver, destined to all those practitioners willing to upgrade their skills in bone augmentation procedures.

Get more confident and capable to solve new situations in your daily practice

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Intro to the Course

Bone atrophies are one of the most challenging situations in modern implantology.
 Wound dehiscence, graft exposure, infection of the augmented site and bone resorption are some of the main complications of bone grafting procedures.

This course will be a three day interactive hands-on experience for practitioners wanting to improve their skills in autogenous bone grafting procedures and soft tissue management.

Use Bone Reconstruction Techniques for Predictable Results.

Make that change to achieve your goals.

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What makes us reliable?

After more than 8 years working exclusively in

Bone Reconstruction Techniques we published:

The International Journal of Oral & Maxillofacial 
Reconstruction of mandibular vertical defects for dental implants with autogenous bone block grafts using a tunnel approach: clinical study of 50 cases

Link to the JOMI article

The International Journal of

Oral & Maxillofacial Implants

Calvarial bone grafting for three-dimensional reconstruction of severe maxillary defects: A Case Series

Link IJOMS article

Colleagues Testimonials

Don’t take our word for it – here’s what our colleagues say about the Course:

A spectacular course in all aspects! and great professionals, thanks for making me enjoy oral surgery. DL Forever Oral Surgery !!

Alber Ferron Alonso


It has been a brilliant course, surrounded by top people, from whom I have learned a lot. It’s nice to see such good professional people. Congratulations of course to all the team of DL Oral Surgery, and thanks!

José María Aguado Gil


Amazing course, 100% recommended. It brings a lot professionally. Clinic-oriented theory and top practices. Thank you very much DL Oral Surgery!

Yasser Chaib

For not repeating too much, just thank you for your generosity in explaining EVERYTHING you do, tricks and shortcuts, techniques and material! You left us to the kitchen, as if we were part of the family. Close and tireless …

Lluis Vallverdu

Clínica Dental Mónblanc

Thank you for taking a course of such quality, and also close and enjoyable. And more women are encouraged to do it !!! 😉

Natalia Crespo

It has been great!

A very pleasant experience. I would repeat!

See you at the student meeting!

Pedro Caballero Guerrero

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