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Coverage of a large recession

Dear Colleagues, Today we present the case of a patient who consulted us having been referred by the orthodontist after orthodontic treatment. She presented with a recession in the central lower right incisor as well as a high frenal attachment. The patient had a very fine gingival biotype that went as far as to cause transparency in the roots of…
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Recession: Frenectomy and tunnelled connective graft

The following patient was referred to us, non-smoking and with no relevant medical history, who presented with this Miller Class II recession in a central lower incisor. She also presented with a high frenal attachment, which alongside her fine gingival biotype was a factor in the recession. We proceeded with a combined approach – we performed a frenectomy and also…
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Covering recessions after orthodontics

Covering recessions after orthodontics The following 38-year-old non-smoking patient, with no relevant medical history, was referred to us by a colleague. The patient stated that after finishing orthodontic treatment, she had noticed a gum recession in the lower incisor and that she wanted to correct the problem. Contributing to the issue was the presence of…
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