Dear colleague, today we bring you a clinical case of a dental implant with a very high aesthetic demand.

In addition, the tooth, a central incisor, has a lack of bone around it and mobility type III.

Can everything be solved in a single surgery?

It presents an old endodontic treatment and the tooth also has grade 3 mobility that causes discomfort and pain in the tooth, so the patient goes to his dentist who refers the case to our team as it requires a high aesthetic demand.

In the aesthetic zone, the entire area of ​​the maxillary incisors, a very fine handling of both the soft tissues, the gums, and the hard tissues, the bone, is mandatory in oral surgery and implantology.

These types of cases of high aesthetic demand and lack of bone must be treated by dental implant specialists with exclusive dedication to bone and soft tissue grafts.

This way we will avoid failures of the bone graft that we place around our dental implant and we will obtain the best possible aesthetic and functional outcome.

We proceed to the atraumatic extraction of the tooth and curettage and cleaning the socket, once this is done we confirm that there is a lack of bone for the dental implant placement.

It is extremely important to bone graft in cases with a lack of bone when we are going to perform a dental implant. If we do not do it over time we will have discomfort in the implant, pain and, ultimately, problems in the dental implant.

As you can see in the pictures, after the extraction we proceed to place the dental implant and graft with autogenous bone, the patient’s own bone, mixed 50% with biomaterial surrounding our entire implant.

It is also essential to achieve a thick, good quality soft tissue that protects the implant and provides us with the best aesthetic results.

This is why we will add a connective tissue graft simultaneously in our procedure.

If you want to learn very important tips for Immediate Implant placement, watch this video!

The management of the connective tissue graft is absolutely mandatory in modern implantology to achieve the best results.

Finally, we will carry out an immediate loading on the newly placed implant, that is, we will place a crown simultaneously on the dental implant so that the patient has their tooth placed from the first moment without uncomfortable removable devices.

This immediate loading was performed by Dra Sarmini.

In the photographs you can see the entire process of the dental implant, the previous situation of the X-ray with the lack of bone, the placement of the implant in its ideal position, the placement of the connective tissue graft and also the situation 4 years later in the patient review.

Our patient’s smile has a completely natural appearance and in the X-ray at 4 years we can see that he has bone all around the dental implant.

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