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Covering recessions after orthodontics

Covering recessions after orthodontics The following 38-year-old non-smoking patient, with no relevant medical history, was referred to us by a colleague. The patient stated that after finishing orthodontic treatment, she had noticed a gum recession in the lower incisor and that she wanted to correct the problem. Contributing to the issue was the presence of…
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Implants on 3D mandibular reconstruction

Dear Colleagues, A couple of months ago we saw a case of mandibular reconstruction with tunnel access, which you can view in full at: Gaining height in the posterior mandible. After waiting for 5 months, we performed dental implant surgery, using a modified Kazanjian Vestibuloplasty access to allow us to gain adhered gum and place the…
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Lower overdenture: improving soft tissues

4 weeks ago, we saw the case of a patient with 4 dental implants in the mandible, who had extensive bone defects. We explanted 2 implants and placed 4 new dental implants in the mandible for a lower overdenture. You can view the case at: Lower overdenture: explantation and implantation. After waiting 3 months for the osteointegration of the…
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Vestibuloplasty + Implant in one surgery

Today we are going to talk about the Kazanjian Vestibuloplasty. Origin of Kazanjian Vestibuloplasty Kazanjian vestibuloplasty is a technique that is over 100 years old, developed by Varaztad Kazanjian. This technique is developed for those patients which the full prosthesis is already moving and does not have any fixation. The original technique of Kazanjian consists…
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Epithelial free graft in patients with perimplantitis

Today we present the case of a 39-year-old patient who came to the consultation because of pain “in the mandibular implants”. The patient had a fixed prosthesis over 6 implants, placed 4 years ago in another clinic. At the point of the consultation, she complained of pain and bleeding while chewing and brushing. Following removal…
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One case, three techniques: Block + Regeneration + Sinus lift

This 55-year-old patient made an appointment with us for the placement of a fixed prosthesis, after years of having a removable prosthesis in the upper maxilla, retained with attachments, that had now failed. He had no relevant medical history, so we proceeded to request a CT scan. With it, we observed that he needed three…
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Gaining 9mm of height in the mandible: Implant surgery

As we saw in the previous post, which you can view here, we reconstructed a posterior mandibular defect with a height of 2.4 millimetres to the dental nerve. After the mandibular reconstruction, the patient became pregnant, and came back to us after one year. We requested a cone beam CT prior to implant placement, where we…
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Vestibuloplasty: Improving soft tissues

A 50-year-old male ex-smoker came to us, currently undergoing Eutirox treatment for hyperthyroidism and requesting a fixed prosthesis. Upon examination, we observed that after years of edentulism, the quantity of adhered gum had been diminishing along with the buccal bone, important for protecting the neck of the implant from impacted food.