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eBook: Impacted Canine Management: Oral Implantology, 7 Useful Tips

Have you ever had to deal with an Impacted Canine in Oral Implantology?Extraction first?Bone grafting at the same time?Extraction + Bone grafting + Implant placement?But… When and How? We thought you would be interested in our new eBook we have just published today! It is about Impacted Canine Management in Oral Implantology. Download for free our new eBook:“Impacted Canine Management in Oral Implantology:…
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Impacted canine: extraction + implant + graft

We were referred the following 40-year-old patient, with no important medical history, presenting an impacted upper left canine and her deciduous canine still in the mouth with mobility and causing a nuisance to the patient. The orthodontist eschewed orthodontic treatment due to the patient’s age and the position of the impacted canine situated in a…
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Extraction of impacted canine + Implant + Reconstruction

The following 35-year-old male patient with no relevant medical history was referred to us with both maxillary canines impacted and temporary tooth #63 having been weeping for some time following a fistula. Normally, we could resolve this case by first performing extraction surgery of both canines – the definitive and the temporary, then a second…
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