Bone defects are very common nowadays.

Many techniques have been described to solve this situation, the fastest and with the best results is the Split Bone Block technique.

The Split Bone Block technique was described by Prof Fouad Khoury and nowadays is possible to reenter only 4 months after the bone graft.

The next case we present to you is that of a middle-aged non-smoking male with no relevant medical history.

This patient was referred to us because of a bone atrophy that precludes the placement of an implant in its ideal position.

We observed a vertical bone atrophy in the 46th tooth, which we attributed to a traumatic extraction and years of edentulism. We requested a CT scan where we saw a healthy bone height of only 3-4 millimetres above the dental nerve.

We proceeded to perform a reconstruction with thin blades of autologous bone by a tunnel approach.

However, one of the two blades fractured, so we proceeded to substitute the bone blade with titanium mesh.
We sutured, and 6 months later, we proceeded to the approach and placement of the implant.

You can observe the achieved width and height which allowed us to place a 10 millimetre long implant with a 2-3mm margin with the dental nerve, as you can see in the last x-ray.

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