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Socket Preservation: Absence of buccal bone plate in aesthetic front

The following 40-year old, non-smoking patient with no relevant illnesses was referred to us. He presented a long-term root canal with movement and pain in the upper left central incisor. There was more than 10mm of hollow and we suspected a vertical fracture. We proceeded to perform the extraction whereupon we confirmed that there was a vertical fracture up…
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Follow-up: Post-extraction implants + Connective tissue graft

5 weeks ago, we saw this case of Post-extraction implant + Connective tissue graft, in which we placed a post-extraction implant in a lateral incisor, and to avoid vestibular collapse, we inserted connective tissue through tunnel access. Here you can view photographs of the postoperative period at 7 days and 4 weeks, where you can observe the…
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Anterior section: Post-extraction implant + Connective tissue graft

A 30-year-old male patient was referred to us with root remains in tooth 22. The patient had no relevant medical history and was a non-smoker. We proceeded to perform the extraction as atraumatically as possible. We placed the implant parallel to adjacent teeth and with emergency through its cingulum.

Extraction of impacted canine + Implant + Reconstruction

The following 35-year-old male patient with no relevant medical history was referred to us with both maxillary canines impacted and temporary tooth #63 having been weeping for some time following a fistula. Normally, we could resolve this case by first performing extraction surgery of both canines – the definitive and the temporary, then a second…
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Implant surgery on reconstruction on front part

After the reconstruction seen in this post: Reconstruction following failed implant and graft, we waited 4 months and proceeded to open said graft for the implant surgery. We made an intracrevicular incision with vertical incisions distant from the graft. Following a subperiosteal detachment we observed the good appearance of the graft which appeared well vascularised. We…
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Atrophy in central incisor

A 35-year-old non-smoking patient under Euritox treatment for hypothyroidism, had an avulsion of the central incisor after trauma as a child. The gap collapsed and over the years the patient had orthodontics to correct the malocclusion and open the gap. She was referred to us while finalising orthodontic treatment for the placement of an implant…
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Reconstruction after failed implant and graft

A 27-year-old patient with no relevant medical history came to us and told us of a trauma 13 years previously that led to the avulsion of the central upper left incisor. After years without that tooth, the space had been closing up. At 24 years of age, the patient had decided to revisit and fix the situation. He had…
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