We were referred the following 40-year-old patient, with no important medical history, presenting an impacted upper left canine and her deciduous canine still in the mouth with mobility and causing a nuisance to the patient.
The orthodontist eschewed orthodontic treatment due to the patient’s age and the position of the impacted canine situated in a horizontal position above the rest of the tips of the adjacent teeth.
The classic protocol to follow would have been the extraction of the impacted canine followed by a wait of 4-5 months before placing the deferred implant and, possibly, grafting due to the defect left by the canine’s extraction – again, after waiting 4-5 months.
We are going to use a combined, one-step process during which we will carry out the canine extraction approach, extraction of deciduous canine, placing of the implant and graft for the defect left by the permanent canine. This way, we will reduce treatment time by half and prevent the collapse of soft tissue.
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