Situación a los 4 meses

Situation after 4 months

Dear Colleagues,
A couple of months ago we saw a case of mandibular reconstruction with tunnel access, which you can view in full at: Gaining height in the posterior mandible.
After waiting for 5 months, we performed dental implant surgery, using a modified Kazanjian Vestibuloplasty access to allow us to gain adhered gum and place the implants.
A vestibular incision was made separating an epithelial plate, rejecting the underlying muscle and leaving the periosteum intact. We impacted on the periosteum in order to remove the osteosynthesis screws and place dental implants 10mm in length. As you can see in the tomographic cuts, we had a minimum height of 2.8 millimetres and the control board has more than 10 millimetres of height, which allowed us to place standard sized implants.
We closed the vestibuloplasty by suturing a periosteal plate and an epithelial plate to the periosteum. Below are photographs of the surgery.

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