a44 weeks ago, we saw the case of a patient with 4 dental implants in the mandible, who had extensive bone defects. We explanted 2 implants and placed 4 new dental implants in the mandible for a lower overdenture. You can view the case at: Lower overdenture: explantation and implantation.
After waiting 3 months for the osteointegration of the implants, we observed a lack of quality soft tissues, from adhered and keratinised gum as well as a lack of vestibular depth which compromised the durability of the implants in the long term.
For this reason, we performed the implant exposure and the gingiva former surgery at the same time as an epithelial free graft taken from the palate, using supraperiosteal access and suturing the graft to the periosteum.
Below you can view some photographs from the surgery and the postoperative period.

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