Today we present the case of a 39-year-old patient who came to the consultation because of pain “in the mandibular implants”.
The patient had a fixed prosthesis over 6 implants, placed 4 years ago in another clinic.
At the point of the consultation, she complained of pain and bleeding while chewing and brushing.
Following removal of the prosthesis, we observed a total absence of keratinised and/or adhered gum around any of the implants, with the implants in positions 32 and 42 presenting the most pronounced process of perimplantitis, as you can see in the photograph.

In these types of cases, the treatment we recommend to our patients is a treatment aimed at obtaining adhered gum, which protects fixings and prevents the inflammatory process and its subsequent bone loss from continuing.
In order to do this, we followed our line using autologous material – using epithelial tissue from the palate to perform a gum free graft, epithelial graft, which in this case had to be bilateral since none of the implants had sufficient gum nearby.
6 weeks after the intervention, the patient confirmed a clear improvement and the clinical results were satisfactory. At her next visit, we will assess the need to polish the exposed coils of the implants in order to support hygiene and reduce the accumulation of plaque in these areas.

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