Today we are presenting a somewhat different case, from a 53-year-old non-smoking patient with no relevant pathology in their medical history apart from high cholesterol.

The patient presents absences from canine to canine in the mandible with a notable horizontal atrophy. The anterior jaw is one of the most difficult areas to graft due to both the poor medular vascularisation owing to high bone density and the nature of the soft tissue, principally lingual, which tends to be very fine.

Grafts were done according to the technique of Dr. Khoury, implants were placed in the position of the canines and 5/0 polypropylene sutures were used. You can view the implant surgery below, as well as the state of the tissue after one month – the absence of any separation of the tissue after suturing is noticeable.

Follow up of the case in this link

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