A 35-year-old non-smoking patient under Euritox treatment for hypothyroidism, had an avulsion of the central incisor after trauma as a child. The gap collapsed and over the years the patient had orthodontics to correct the malocclusion and open the gap.
She was referred to us while finalising orthodontic treatment for the placement of an implant in the area of the central upper left incisor. On the CT scan, we observed a horizontal bone defect, so we scheduled the patient for a reconstruction of this defect.

As you can see, we reconstructed with an autograft from the mandibular ramus, which we fixed with osteosynthesis screws. We sutured and waited 4 months. After 4 months, we observed bone quality and its density upon drilling, placed the implant and waited again – this time for 3 months.
After 3 months, we proceeded to place the gum former and refer the patient to our prosthodontist colleague.

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