The following 37-year-old patient with no relevant medical history was referred to us, having had two plants placed in positions 14 and 16 two years ago.
Due to a lack of bone, the implant in position 16 was lost, leaving minimal remaining bone. As you can see, the implant in position 14 was placed at a pronounced angle and separate from 13, also having a 6-7 coil bone loss.
We proceeded to open, remove the implant in position 14 – which came out without complications, due to the little integrated surface it presented – performed a Cadwell-Luc approach with sinus lift, and placed implants in positions 14 and 16, assuring emergence of the future prosthesis.

We obtained a block from the mandibular ramus which we particulated and filled in the sinus. Finally, we closed with titanium mesh and osteosynthesis screws.

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