Refuerzo por vestibular

Vestibular reinforcement

The following 55-year-old patient with no relevant medical history was referred to us for the assessment of a dental implant in the upper right premolar position.
We observed a horizontal defect due to a traumatic extraction with loss of buccal bone plate in this tooth, so we opted to use a crestal incision to place the implant in the ideal prosthetic position and reconstruct the presenting defect.
For this, we used a cortical mandibular block, obtaining an external oblique line, divided into two fine blades, more easily vascularisable due to their fineness, and the inside was filled with autologous particulate bone.
One month after the surgery, the patient came back with the adjacent tooth number 15 vertically fractured, so we placed an implant in this position. Unfortunately, we do not have photographs of this operation.
3 months after the placement of the original implant, we proceeded to the second stage, observing the quantity and quality of the bone obtained, the defect resolved as if there had been no osseous deficit.
Below are photographs of the surgery, the second stage, and the prosthesis performed by the pertinent colleague at the clinic.

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