Colocación injerto

Fixing of the graft with osteosynthesis screws

Dear Colleagues,
This 33-year-old patient – smoker of half a packet a day – came to us with no relevant medical history, having had a cyst in the region of the right mandibular body in 2007. He had had extractions of the affected teeth – 43, 44, 45 and 46 – and was operated on that same year by colleagues who performed cystectomies and apicoectomies on the teeth involved.

The following year, the roots were exposed and the patient was still weeping at the site of the wound. The patient continued in this state of accompanying bone destruction and was operated on again in 2011 without successful halting of its advance.
This year, he came to us and we extracted teeth 44, 45 and 46, cleaned the entire cavity and waited 6 weeks for the soft tissues to close. They closed, stopped weeping, and the cystic pathology stopped.
After 6 weeks, we proceeded to reconstruct the defect with an autograft from the ipsilateral retromolar area, through a classic approach.

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