27-year-old patient with no relevant medical history came to us and told us of a trauma 13 years previously that led to the avulsion of the central upper left incisorAfter years without that tooth, the space had been closing up.

Situación previa

Previous situation

At 24 years of age, the patient had decided to revisit and fix the situation. He had been to an orthodontist who had reopened the space – following this, the implantologist placed an implant and filled in the defect – which after years of edentulism, had been left significantly impaired – with biomaterial of bovine origin.
Said biomaterial became infected which caused it to be lost, along with the implant to which it was attached. This affected even the lateral incisor, which lost the entire mesial and buccal bone plate, leaving a defect like the one shown in the photograph.

The 27-year-old was referred to us with a very pronounced horizontal collapse, with barely 1 millimetre of palatal bone and a left lateral incisor with mobility and no bone holding it in place.
In today’s case, we will show how in the first surgery we opened and cleaned the encapsulated biomaterial and improved the soft tissues with a connective tissue graft, and how in the second we performed bone augmentation surgery rotating a palate to close.
We hope you find it interesting. We will post the implant surgery shortly.

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