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Anterior section: Post-extraction implant + Connective tissue graft

A 30-year-old male patient was referred to us with root remains in tooth 22. The patient had no relevant medical history and was a non-smoker. We proceeded to perform the extraction as atraumatically as possible. We placed the implant parallel to adjacent teeth and with emergency through its cingulum.

19th October – Course in maxillary reconstruction through tunnel approach

Dear Colleagues, Next Saturday, 19th October, in Aranjuez, Madrid, we will be delivering a course on maxillary reconstruction through tunnelisation with the Khoury technique with theory and live broadcast of surgery. The surgery will consist of a tunnel approach, sinus lift and crestal graft; all without opening a flap, but via tunnel. Price, sign-up and…
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Atrophic posterior mandible reconstruction

A 32-year-old patient with no relevant medical history was referred to us having lost an implant on tooth 46 following an infection. The patient presented with a very pronounced defect with a height to the dental nerve of 2.40 millimetres, which precluded the placement of short implants. We discounted the possibility of lateralisation of the dental nerve due to…
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