Vertical bone augmentation with the Khoury Technique and tunnel approach

Vertical bone augmentation with the Khoury Technique and tunnel approach

We present the case of a patient who came to her consultation requesting a fixed prosthesis in the posterior mandible section.
Clinical and radiological examination showed bone atrophy with a height on the dental nerve of approximately 7.5mm and a horizontal atrophy that precludes the placement of dental implants.

In terms of treatment options, we assessed on one hand the option of a horizontal augmentation and placement of short 6.5-7mm implants, and on the other carrying out a vertical augmentation either through an interposition graft (Sandwich Technique) or through a tunnelled cortical graft according to Professor Khoury’s description. We settled on this latter option.

Our objective was to regain the lost height for the posterior placing of implants 3.8-4.5mm in diameter and 9.5-11mm in length.

Below are the case photos. We hope you find them interesting.

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  1. Ed Dergosits DDS says:

    Why are you sending me this email if there is not any documentation of the process?

    • admin says:

      Dear Ed, we didn’t send you any email, maybe it was a mistake from the system. Apologized if it was that.

      The post is fully documented with pictures and we cited Khoury’s technique, if you want to go deeper in this technique you can check out this paper we publish in 2015 of 50 cases up to 5 years follow up with Khoury Technique with a tunnel approach.

      Sorry for the inconvenience caused, best regards

      Juan Lara Chao

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