Clinical Cases

1st Iberian Euroteknika Conference finished

The 1st Iberian conference from Euroteknika Iberia has finished, to which we contributed with a surgery broadcast live from Catalunya’s School of Odontologists and Stomatologists. It consisted of a mandibular reconstruction in height with tunnel access. We would like to thanks all the speakers and the organisation for such an educational, well-organised and even friendly event – particular…
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Anterior section: Placement of implants 4 months after reconstruction

Dear Colleagues, 4 months ago, we saw this case in which we reconstructed an upper anterior section in which there was horizontal atrophy after years with a tooth-supported bridge. 4 months after this reconstruction, we proceeded to open the case for the placement of dental implants. As you can see, there was no reabsorption apparent in the graft. We proceeded to place…
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Follow-up of Regeneration + Lift Surgery

Several months ago, we operated on this case. To remind ourselves, we saw a large perforation of the Schneiderian membrane and an absence of buccal bone plate. We resolved these situations by suturing the membrane and performing a regeneration of the absence of the bone plate using titanium mesh. Four months later, with no symptomatology, the patient…
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Live surgery 13th June Barcelona: Gaining in height in posterior mandible

Dear Colleagues, Next Friday 13th June in Barcelona, in Catalunya’s Official School of Odontologists and Stomatologists, the “1st Iberian Euroteknika Conference” will take place, where we will be presenting a clinical case with a live surgery entitled: “Tridimensional reconstruction through cortical autologous bone blades and subperiosteal tunnel approach.” Those who wish to attend can consult the Euroteknika website for more…
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Bone reconstruction anterior maxillary section

Today, we present to you the case of a 53-year-old woman with no relevant medical history who came to a consultation with a tooth-supported bridge in the upper-anterior area that she had had for 12 years, with 6 incisors. This prosthodontic resource was used by her odontologist after the loss of several teeth in the anterior…
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Talk in Porto

Dear Colleagues, We have spent this past weekend delivering a talk entitled “Atrofias Ósseas: Um desafio para o Cirurgião Oral” at the Foramen Dental Education in Porto. We would like to thank Rui Coelho and Pedro Moura for inviting us to the talk and for their hospitality. We would also like to thank everyone who attended, for spending their…
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Back from Dental Star of the South – Houston

We are back home after spending this weekend in Houston, Texas, in the Dental Star of the South, where we gave two talks entitled: “Bone Reconstruction in Oral Implantology -Step By Step-” and “Advanced Bone Reconstructive Techniques in Oral Implantology”.  We would like to thank the organisation for their incredible work in accommodating the 6000…
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Covering recessions after orthodontics

Covering recessions after orthodontics The following 38-year-old non-smoking patient, with no relevant medical history, was referred to us by a colleague. The patient stated that after finishing orthodontic treatment, she had noticed a gum recession in the lower incisor and that she wanted to correct the problem. Contributing to the issue was the presence of…
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Implants on 3D mandibular reconstruction

Dear Colleagues, A couple of months ago we saw a case of mandibular reconstruction with tunnel access, which you can view in full at: Gaining height in the posterior mandible. After waiting for 5 months, we performed dental implant surgery, using a modified Kazanjian Vestibuloplasty access to allow us to gain adhered gum and place the…
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Upcoming talks

Upcoming talks!